Mobile App Building


Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 How to start  
Unit 2 How to use modules  
Unit 3 How to create an application  
Unit 4 How to design your app  
Unit 5 How to Edit your app  
Unit 6 How style.css works. Template improvements  
Unit 7 How to change the background  
Unit 8 How to add a new application to your plan  
Unit 9 How to publish your app on App Store  
Unit 10 How to publish your app on Google Play Store  
Unit 11 How to update an app  
Unit 12 Automatic Build - How to request it  
Unit 13 How to use Application Loader  
Module 2 Features Tutorials
Unit 1 How to add - delete a page  
Unit 2 How to duplicate an existing app  
Unit 3 How to convert an iPhone app to iPad app  
Unit 4 How to choose the app target  
Unit 5 How to see the app Statistics  
Unit 6 How to activate Push Notification  
Unit 7 How to use Dynamic HTML  
Unit 8 How to convert a page type to another  
Unit 9 How to add chapters to a book in iPhone app  
Unit 10 How to add an audio file to iPhone app  
Unit 11 How to add an YouTube video to iPhone application  
Unit 12 How to link to my website  
Unit 13 SeattleClouds Custom URL Schemes  
Unit 14 How to use Embed Application Code  
Unit 15 Enabling Your App for Newsstand  
Unit 16 Prompt users to rate your app  
Unit 17 How to enable and use resource synchronization  
Unit 18 Creating, Editing and Publishing a WebApp  
Unit 19 What are Google Play Store expansion files  
Module 3 Page Type Tutorials
Unit 1 AppShare  
Unit 2 Audio Stream  
Unit 3 Barcode Scanner  
Unit 4 Button Menu  
Unit 5 Calculator  
Unit 6 Calendar  
Unit 7 Camera Cover  
Unit 8 Check-In  
Unit 9 Color Menu  
Unit 10 Content Menu  
Unit 11 Coupon  
Unit 12 Drag & Drop  
Unit 13 Dictionary  
Unit 14 Email Attachment  
Unit 15 EPUB  
Unit 16 EPUB Reader  
Unit 17 Facebook Fan Page  
Unit 18 Favorites  
Unit 19 Feedback  
Unit 20 Form  
Unit 21 Game Bike  
Unit 22 Globe  
Unit 23 Grid Menu  
Unit 24 GPS Coupon  
Unit 25 HTML  
Unit 26 Image Area  
Unit 27 Image Menu  
Unit 28 Image List  
Unit 29 In-App Browser  
Unit 30 Karaoke  
Unit 31 Large Button Menu  
Unit 32 3D Layers  
Unit 33 Lighter  
Unit 34 Location Finder  
Unit 35 Login  
Unit 36 Loyalty  
Unit 37 Magazine Menu  
Unit 38 Map  
Unit 39 Magazine Store  
Unit 40 Media List  
Unit 41 Memo Game  
Unit 42 Menu  
Unit 43 Mobile  
Unit 44 Mosaic  
Unit 45 Music Player  
Unit 46 Native Image Viewer  
Unit 47 Native Page Type  
Unit 48 Nearby Locations  
Unit 49 Notes  
Unit 50 Notifications  
Unit 51 PDFEditor  
Unit 52 PDF Reader  
Unit 53 PN Topics  
Unit 54 Podcast  
Unit 55 Poll  
Unit 56 Product order  
Unit 57 PhoneGap  
Unit 58 Purchase  
Unit 59 Puzzle  
Unit 60 QR Code List  
Unit 61 QR Code Scanner  
Unit 62 Quiz (Native)  
Unit 63 Rate and Review  
Unit 64 RSS  
Unit 65 RSS Pro & RSS Details  
Unit 66 Scan Document  
Unit 67 Search  
Unit 68 Shopping Cart  
Unit 69 Signature Stamp  
Unit 70 Slide  
Unit 71 SlideShow  
Unit 72 Slot Machine  
Unit 73 SMS  
Unit 74 Stripes Menu  
Unit 75 Touch Design  
Unit 76 360° View  
Unit 77 Voice Recorder List  
Unit 78 VP Notation  
Unit 79 WaveFront Obj  
Unit 80 WebKit Details  
Unit 81 WebKit Menu  
Unit 82 WebKit Submenu  
Unit 83 Photo Effect  
Module 4 Template Tutorials
Unit 1 BookStore  
Unit 2 CoffeeShops  
Unit 3 Christmas  
Unit 4 MobileAppBlank  
Unit 5 Quiz  
Unit 6 Winter  
Unit 7 Wildlife  
Unit 8 MemebershipAreas  
Unit 9 XCuisine  
Unit 10 How style.css works. Template improvements.  
Module 5 Technical Tutorials
Unit 1 How to create a Distribution Certificate  
Unit 2 How to create a Distribution Provisioning Profile  
Unit 3 How to generate an APN Certificate (.cer) file  
Unit 4 How to create an In-App Purchase  
Unit 5 Using In-App Purchasing  
Unit 6 How to enable iAd in your application  
Unit 7 How to enable Apple Push Notification (APN) service  
Unit 8 How to find iOS device ID  
Unit 9 Images for iPhone 4 Retina display  
Unit 10 Prompt users to rate your app  
Unit 11 How to customize your app style using Page Settings  
Unit 12 Ways to Embed Media Files in Your App  
Unit 13 How to add into your application iAd, AdMob  
Unit 14 How to export .p12 key from Keychain  
Unit 15 How to allow restricted access for an app  
Unit 16 How to install an Instant Ad Hoc on device  
Unit 17 Getting the Google Maps Android API v2  
Unit 18 How to customize Page Settings from the App Dashboard  
Unit 19 How to create a Custom Native Page Type  
Module 6 Publisher Account Tutorials
Unit 1 How to customize a previewer application  
Unit 2 How to use CMS Editor